What are the advantages of custom software development?

If your process is not standard for management needs and decision making, you need to develop an information system. A good custom information system is the way how to reduce the cost of administrative and repetitive activities, increase productivity and especially the system is a necessary condition for the company growth. It´s an investment and your business grows gradually along with the digital era. Developing of custom solution is suitable wherever the standard is not enought and the company needs the system which adapts to processes and not vice-versa.

How the custom software is developed ?

We come to you. We ask questions and you answer. Everything we learn, we write down and you verify if we understood you properly. Then we suggest a few solutions and you choose the one that you like most.

After, we begin to develope your own information system that no one else has. 

We test with us, we test with you.

We implement it to your environment. We migrate your old data. We train your people and we look after as long as your people become familiar with the system. The support of the product is from our side matter of course and the development of the system is common practice (because you finally start to do what you know perfectly and you find that growing really isn´t a problem)

What are the main advantages of custom software?

What´s your custom unique information system that no one else has?

It´s unique. It´s made based on yours ideas. It’s yours. The property rights are yours, we are just authors.

It´s modern. It´s developed right now – using state-of-the-art procedures and technologies. It’s not an old system with technologies which are not comptatible with current standard.

It´s sophisticated, it´s made after analyzing and it includes your requirements

It´s easy to use. We are experienced in development of information systems and we design the UI according to the latest standards.

It´s safe. Only the allowed one can see the data and he can see only so much you allow him.

It´s low-cost. You do not pay for licenses per user, server, processor, processor core, or anything else. The software is only yours. You can hire another 30 employees, you can establish branches in Bangkok, Dubai or Singapore with no additional licensing costs.

It´s flexible. Do you need to connect to your system google spreadsheets, slack, other software as a service, or your special device ? We do it.

It´s friendly to other systems. Do you need your information system to communicate with the systems of your suppliers or customers? Do you want to link the system to your accounting system? We connect everything to avoid double work.

It´s open to future challenges.

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