Integration of cameras and sensors.

In our practise, we have met the needs of customers to connect devices to their existing infrastructure. We managed to implement several interesting projects. We worked on connecting:



PTZ platform
Telephonics radar
Xtralis ADPRO


Senstar OmniTrax


Southwest Microwave INTREPID

These devices worked on protocols.


INTREPID Polling Protocol II
Xtralis 2-Way Protocol

If you need to connect the camera to your system, or if you need to connect industrial equipment at lower levels, we will be happy to help you.

What is the main benefit of integration multiple software applications?

  • We are able to automate some systems integration. When jobs are forwarded in the company by mail, you switch from application to application and rewrite data from one location to another.
    The same data in different places makes it not entirely clear which are the most recent. It is ideal if you can work on one repository.
    Early warning system resp. a simple monitoring system can also highlight some shortcomings.

System integration will help

How we can help you with system integration?

We will come to you and ask you questions about your process and needs. We will meet your suppliers if necessary. We will review your systems. We will write down what we have found and suggest solutions with which to choose. We simulate your environment by us, combine what you need to combine. We will check if it works and then we will deploy it to you. After the final implementation, we will train your people and hand over the documentation. Finally, we will be happy to provide support.

By interconnecting company systems you get:

Integrating your systems = a new system that:

It’s faster,
It’s smoother, we use the latest technology.
It’s easy to use,
It is unique, precisely tailored to your environment and your needs.
It’s safe,
It’s cheap,
It is flexible, you can require the connection of any systems. There is always a solution.

Are you worried about getting another label that only introduces a new kind of chaos? Fortunately, in the electronic world, virtually everything can be connected to everything. Thoroughness is particularly important. Over the years, we have developed our own unique procedures to ensure that system readiness tests really check every aspect of integration and minimize unwanted behaviour.

You will work better with interconnected systems.

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