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Juraj Michalka
The Importance Of Creating A Digitally Cultured Workplace

Have you fully adopted the digitally cultured workspace? In this article, Tony Holbrook writes, “Digital technology influences everything. Our society has been fundamentally changed by the rise of things like mobile devices. They’ve altered the way we interact socially and are at the core of an increasingly digital shift in the nature of commercial relationships.”

Click the link to learn more on the various aspects of embracing and maximizing this shift with clear and actionable advice.

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Case study
Juraj Michalka
Shopfloor management for Volkswagen Slovakia.

Originally, PowerPoint presentations were used for this purpose, which was hard for administration and did not ensure uniform presentation on all whiteboards. The unification of appearance was one of the main requirements of the customer. The second most important requirement was to simplify work by automating some tasks.

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sharepoint graphic
Juraj Michalka
SharePoint application development

At Partner Soft we provide development services in SharePoint technology. By leveraging SharePoint flexibility, we create solutions that encourage users to collaborate and help thousands of employees successfully complete their tasks.

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